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Each bella j. charm has a special meaning and channels a different aspect of your personality. Read below what your surprise charm reveals about you.
Congratulations! You received the very rare $10,000 DIAMOND charm! Like this charm, you are incredibly unique with a sharp wit, brilliant intelligence and radiant perspective. People are quickly entranced by your proactive attitude and speak highly of your ingenuity and cleverness. You shine bright but you are always incredibly humble-- just one more dazzling attribute of your glowing personality.
You opened the PASSPORT. Planning is your forte. Your sister's surprise birthday party or your bestie's bachelorette weekend, from top to bottom you have everything taken care of. In turn, your diligent organizing allows you to relax and bask in the moment as your arrangements roll out. Don't think your efforts go unnoticed-- girlfriends always toast your hard work!
You received the PERFUME BOTTLE. Wonderfully romantic with little wisps of that, "je ne sais quoi," you have a magnificent presence.Your graceful elegance always leaves a lasting impression and friends love to linger in your company.Whether it's hailing a cab, browsing the farmer's market or reading on a park bench, you radiate a quiet glamour in even the most banal activities.
You received the SAIL BOAT. Change has never flustered you-- rather, it puts the wind into your sails! Your adventurous spirit welcomes new experiences that may intimidate or startle others. Be it a cruise across the Atlantic or the great promotion that moves you to a new town, you bravely face the unknown and flourish at the opportunity to try something new.
You uncovered the AIRPLANE. Ambitious and motivated, you are a true go-getter. You set your heights high and get a thrill from checking off the to-do list boxes that bring you closer to your goals. Your efforts-- your 110%, to be exact-- are deservedly rewarded but that doesn't mean you're, "All work and no play," more like, "Work hard. Play harder!"
You have the CHERRY. Like holding open the door for the person behind you or picking up your co-worker a coffee on your way into the office, your acts of kindness are simply second-nature. Sincere and thoughtful, you are sensitive to the feelings of those around you-- friends or perfect strangers alike. Your sweet character and thoughtfulness make you a deeply cherished friend and confidant.
You unwrapped the HIGH HEEL. A natural-born leader, you do tend to keep your standards, head and heel heights high. You're charismatic and influential; when you speak, people's ears prick up immediately as you command the room and captivate your listeners with your thoughtful and direct ideas. Co-workers are in awe of your inspiring work ethic and loved ones admire your brilliant confidence.
You opened the LIPSTICK. Like the timeless "bold red lip," you are equal parts alluring, sexy and classic. Your confidence is one of your greatest charms. Although you don't actively seek the spotlight, people are naturally drawn to your wit and sly humor and you never mind regaling your listeners with a bit of harmless but juicy gossip.
You unpacked the PEACE SIGN. From the back-and-forth of picking a restaurant to quarrelling friends, you’re the go-to mediator. Never one to unfairly pick sides, your perspective focuses on the greater good and you are quick to help others set aside their differences to move forward together.
You uncovered the FROG. Unlike people who fear the new and different, you bravely welcome change as a new experience and opportunity. Your resilience and optimism make you a natural leader who is keen to listen and offer invaluable support to your closest confidants .
You have the DRAGONFLY. You immerse yourself completely in any activity you take on from planning your trip to Paris, taking baking lessons or working towards that promotion. Insightful and remarkably deep, you soak up all the experiences and knowledge you can as you’re never one to skim the just the surface.
You found the HEART. A soft spot for flowers and sweet notes, you are a romantic with a precious dash of nostalgia. Of course it's wonderful to receive yourself but you get a wonderful thrill from surprising your loved ones with small tokens of your affection and "just because" gifts.
You exposed the FLIP-FLOPS. A last-minute road trip? Drinks at that new hot-spot? A blind date? With a wonderfully impulsive streak, you are always primed for a fun adventure. You throw yourself into everything with a fantastic energy that people find deliciously infectious.
You unwrapped the CROWN. While you’d never dub yourself a princess per se, you do have a strong appreciation for the finer things in life and thoroughly enjoy those moments of happiness sparked by the perfect latte, a supple cashmere sweater and a deep breath of fresh, crisp air.
You uncovered the SUNDIAL. Your brilliant outlook and warm spirit help you find the greater meaning in every task you undertake. With your optimistic perspective, you welcome challenges and take them on with enthusiastic vigor.
You revealed the SEASHELL. Just like holding a conch shell to your ear and channeling the ocean, you have an acute intuition which you use to tune into the thoughts and feelings of those around you. Your openness and heightened sensitivity makes you a stellar and cherished friend.
You unrolled the STARFISH. Familial or friendship, the relationships in your life are deeply important to you, ones you passionately protect and foster. That’s not to say you give yourself wholly to other people without receiving the same affection in return. These tight bonds are a mutual exchange of guidance, inspiration and love.
You unveiled the CLOVER. You live life with a carefree ease and this infectious happy-go-lucky trait draws people towards you naturally. Bask in the comfort of your prosperity—not in materials goods but in the affection of your friends, family and loved ones.
You unpacked the HORSESHOE. You consider yourself lucky but luck has little to do with your good fortune. Rather than expect good things to come your way, you actively nurture and carve out time for the facets of your life that make you happy, whether its spending time with your family, training for a marathon or working on that longtime side-project cooking blog that is your true passion.
You untied the ELEPHANT. Your deep sense of loyalty makes you an invaluable confidant to your friends who frequently turn to you for strength and insight. Sweetly tempered and patient, you are an attentive listener but, more importantly, doll out thoughtful advice.
You opened the EYE. While others may prefer routine or the tried-and-true, you are very open to the new, here and now. From dining at a new fusion restaurant to joining a book club, you love soaking up new experiences and ideas. While you may always seem charged to go, you value moments of reflection, which builds your awareness of self.
You unfolded the WISHBONE. Ambitious and passionate, you have no qualms in making your desires known on both professional and personal levels. While onlookers struggle to keep a New Year’s resolution past February, your laser-focus on a goal makes you a real force to reckon with. Watch out world, here you come!
You unsealed the BUTTERFLY. You’re quite familiar with the expressions, “Old soul” and “Wise beyond your years” as they often used to describe you-- and quite accurately at that. Ever graceful and elegant, you have a simply regal air and the allure of old world-glamour which becomes more present year after year.
You received the TURTLE. Your emotional strength and resilience means you are remarkably serene even during the busiest work days. While some people may be thrown into a tizzy by small inconveniences, you calmly meet moments of chaos with poise and a clear mind. In turn, friends and co-workers greatly appreciate your grounded perspective when they feel overwhelmed.
You collected the SKULL. There are few things that you enjoy more than spending time with your family. Whether you’re the matriarch or the baby sister, you deeply value the relationships of your immediate and extended family. Moreover, you’re quick to bring your closest friends into the fold making them truly feel a part of the family.
You obtained the KEY. You are naturally curious and inquisitive which has led to a love of learning. There are simply not enough books, blogs or documentaries to satiate your yearning for more knowledge. As you’ve grown mentally, you’ve become an astute problem solver. You’re quite the budding philosopher!
You landed the ANCHOR. Ever the optimist, your outlook on life is consistently hopeful and confident that the world is inherently a good place—and you’ve never been proven wrong! You exude warmth and friendliness and are met with the kindness that you bestow upon others.
You drew the HEART. Never one to turn away from the coveted alone- or “me-“ time, you value and cherish those quiet moments for thoughtful reflection. Carving out moments in the day just for yourself—from your morning solo run or keeping a journal at night—offer you the opportunities to count your blessings. Following these moments of meditation, you seem to glow with a newfound energy.
You have the SWAN. Pulling, “He loves me, he loves me not,” petals from the flower, you’ve always been a romantic, infatuated with the ideals of courtship and unions. Far from being someone who needs to be in a relationship to be happy (although, you do make a wonderful companion when you find yourself with a special someone), you’re just wonderfully, blissfully sentimental.
You pulled the DOG BONE. Anyone who counts you as their friend is incredibly lucky. You are deeply loyal to the people you love and go to great lengths to help them from moving apartments to nursing broken hearts. Incredibly selfless, your trustworthiness and fidelity has cemented so many relationships and, more importantly, is reciprocated within your tight network of friends.
You unfastened the AMETHYST. Your own life coach, you are revered for your incredibly balanced lifestyle. Friends often marvel, “I don’t know how she does it” as you breeze from early morning yoga to work and then whip up a home-cooked meal for dinner. What’s more, you are rarely frazzled by your go-go-go days but find an inner calm amidst the hustle and bustle. Your packed days bring you peace of mind.
You untied the EMERALD quartz. Anyone you encounter is instantly drawn to your fresh outlook and energy. Never one to spiral into a panic, you have a kind of quiet drive that powers you every day with awe inspiring clarity. This brilliant outlook helps pull the different parts of your life into a fulfilling harmony.
You uncovered the SAND DOLLAR. When your inbox is flooded with unread e-mails and your to-do list is growing by the second, you remain completely cool and sharp. In fact, you perform best under a little pressure. Your soothing presence and level headedness calms your stressed out friends when they come to brunch ready to gripe. A patient listener, you are finely tuned in to when to dole out advice, sympathy, or a little tough love- and everyone respects you all the more for your candid honesty.
You received the DUCK. "I was just thinking about you!" is a common greeting when you call up a friend out of the blue or send a handwritten card "just because." You have an incredible intuition for when your loved ones need to feel a little extra love and often surprise them with your timely outreach. Your thoughtfulness is much-appreciated and inspires others to commit random acts of kindness too.
We are continually adding new charms and perhaps it hasn't been added yet. Please send us an email with which charm you received at and we will send you your bella j. charm's special meaning!