Free shipping when you spend $50!
Free shipping when you spend $50!


A warm blend of holiday cheer and freshly fallen snow.


FRAGRANCE NOTES: Add a touch of holiday cheer with the warm blend of green pine needles and spicy clove, accented with mistletoe berry, floral cyclamen and sweet woody balsamic accords.


bella j. candles are all natural and made with quality soy wax poured in the U.S.A. We pride ourselves for using premium fragrances and 100% vegetable dipped wicks. Each candle provides between 60-65 hours of sweet enjoyment, but you don’t have to wait that long for your surprise. In just a few hours your hidden charm is revealed!
As the candle burns, a secret piece of collectible jewelry is revealed, making these innovative candles the perfect double treat! Gorgeous gold plated or silver plated, dyed quartz, and real diamond charms on bracelets or necklaces are just waiting to be discovered and collected. Layer and trade them, there are charms to please every taste! Each one is stylish and chic, with an estimated retail value of $10 to $450. A few lucky customers will be thrilled when they discover an extraordinary jewel with an estimated value of $10,000!


Michelle: Yeah, these are the perfect gift for the lady of the house, that's why I treated myself to 2 of them. Twice as nice.
Emma: Yay! My new bella j.candles are here and smell AMAZING!
Laura: I love bella j. I just stocked up and bought the candles with matching notebooks for teacher gifts.

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